Donna Whitlock - Artist and Musician


Donna Whitlock was born in Worthing, Sussex on the 18th September 1948.

40 years ago, Donna started her working life as a professional restorer of oil paintings, and has been a freelance restorer and artist for 35 years. Restoration has given her the opportunity to appreciate a wide selection of artistic styles from paintings covering many centuries and from all around the world.

As an artist, Donna has sold paintings worldwide on a multitude of subjects, and until recently in a photo-realistic style. Donna has had various solo exhibitions in the Midlands and has exhibited in London at the Mall Galleries and had 5 paintings exhibited and sold at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer exhibitions in the early 1990's.

Donna spent some time in the commercial field designing greetings cards, clothing print designs, limited edition prints of her own work, and has painted mural works on both walls and ceilings and externally. She has also taught for local authority art societies.

In 2001 Donna started working professionally as a percussionist/ drummer for bands, theatre, TV, and teaching. Her interest in contemporary music combined with long experience as an artist resulted in the creation of the eclectic d2 collection that was conceived in 2005.

The canvases in the collection still hold the same element of realism as her earlier work, but with an added air of freedom. Like her past work, there is a complete lack of surface impasto, but the paintings still retain a rich depth of colour.