Donna Whitlock - Artist and Musician


donna with zendrum

Described as a `Sensitive' player, and as a gigging musician, Donna specialises in playing hand drums and an assortment of percussion instruments from around the world, including flower pots, waste pipes and even buckets of water. She has played drum kit with many bands, and regularly with the ceildh band 'MoonDance' (links).

With Humdrum', the innovative trio of two percussionists and fiddle player, Donna has played in the Queen Elizabeth Hall foyer in London, the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon, the Rhythms of the World Festival, in the famous yearly festival 'Stony Live', and together they have recorded the EP `Freedom'.

With 'WoodworX' a contemporary Australian / British folk band, Donna has played at festivals such as Celtic Connections in Glasgow, Dunstable, Towersey and on their recently released album, Two Short Planx...

During 2005 as 'Kiana', she recorded an album of impressionistic music with fiddle player Saskia Tomkins, called `Pebbles on an Ancient Pathway'.

As 'Sistra' with vocal gymnast Kait Gray, they have written, recorded and will shortly release an album titled 'Elements'.

A passion for playing Bodhran in an exciting contemporary style, incorporating jazz and rock rhythms, has lead to her teaching both this and other hand drums and percussion in schools for groups and on a private basis .

She is also an exponent of the Zendrum a unique midi controller (picture).